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We facilitate collaborative solutions that support innovation and value creation.

Strategy Development

We help strengthen and improve institutional performance by providing technical advice and strategic guidance in the areas of: data management, digital transformation and innovation ecosystems

Research and Insights

We research and analyze industries, sectors, markets, communities and people. We help your teams unearth and unlock value-added opportunities, and identify economic and social impact evidence and business cases

Knowledge Networks

We amplify your team’s ideas by uniting a diverse team of users, subject matter experts and industry professionals into a vibrant co-creation platform to explore new insights, ideas and innovations.

Incubator Services

Whether it’s a new solution or a whole new business model, we match innovations to an array of professional services including mentorship, connections and exposure opportunities

Capacity Building

We assess industry and organizations’ institutional and structural capabilities and offer guidance and strategies in resource strengthening.


We engage governments, development agencies, private organizations, academia and civil society, showcasing best practices and trends and providing technical assistance in policy, regulation and process improvement